Electric Museum - TEAC A3340S



The TEAC A3340S is a 4 channel multitrack recording reel to reel tape deck, manufactured by the TEAC Corporation (Tokyo Electronic Acoustic Company). The machine was a very popular home recording reel to reel, but was also found in use by professionals. It was noted for it's ease of use and excellent sound quality and it's flexible approach to stereo, monoaural and quadrophonic recording and playback. The machine is also capable of overdubs using all four quad channels. It uses 1/4 inch audio tape running at both 7 1/2 and  15 IPS, the latter being the industri standard for professional equipment. Maximum reel size is 10.5 inch. The A3340S has a three head configuration and supports Simul-Sync, which is TEAC's version of Apmex' Sel-Sync where the recording head is used for playback.

The above model was made in Lightwave 3D. The model and texture files are available for download here:

Download Teac_A3340S.lwo